The Teacher-Coach Advantage

The relationships built between students and between students and faculty members are at the core of the Roxbury Latin experience. Those meaningful interactions often occur on the playing fields and in the athletic buildings. We know, also, that athletics plays an important role in boys’ development. Striving together to achieve goals, they learn the value of hard work, competition, and being a part of a team. Therefore, the School is addressing the need to upgrade this part of its program to support the teacher-coaches who work tirelessly to teach life lessons to the boys in the classrooms which extend beyond the academic day. 

Distinction Through a Strong Endowment

RL’s comparatively low tuition keeps the School accessible to an economically diverse demographic, a goal of the Strategic Plan and a key feature of Roxbury Latin’s mission and identity. As a result, tuition dollars do not cover the cost of an RL education, accounting for only 40 percent of the School’s annual budget. We look to the Annual Fund and the endowment to make up the difference at 22 percent and 38 percent respectively. A strong endowment distinguishes us from our peer schools by lessening the demand for tuition income. The growth of the endowment is essential to the long-term welfare of the School. By supporting financial aid, faculty salaries, professional development, program development, and unrestricted funds, new endowment will preserve who we are and what we value as a community as we strive to prepare boys “for service in Church and Commonwealth.”

Mens sana in corpore sano

Roxbury Latin has its priorities squarely placed in its students and faculty and aspires to serve them with programs and facilities that honor their promise and their needs. Mens sana in corpore sano, the marriage of mind and body, expresses Roxbury Latin’s commitment to boys’ mental and physical vitality in complementary parts.